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Quality policy, environment protection, safety, and health protection during work.

The primary activities of the company PROMAN s.r.o. are designing and supplying storage and handling equipment, including providing warranty and post-warranty services.

Company policy includes policies for quality control, environmental protection, safety, and health protection as part of company work. The objective is to constantly improve the quality of our products and our performance for our customers’ benefit, while behaving respectfully towards the environment, maintaining safety and protecting health during work.

  • We cooperate with the client comprehensively – from the project design up through to making it ready for use. After each year of operation, we conduct an inspection of the system and provide subsequent repair services.
  • We ensure the quality of our products by increasing PROMAN’s prestige and creating awareness of the company among customers. As a matter of course, we fulfill customer requirements thoroughly and make safety a priority for the storage and handling equipment that has been supplied.
  • All employees work on the understanding that we are here for the customer and not the opposite.
  • The company values its employees and has created pleasant working conditions so that employment at the company has become a matter of prestige.
  • We also have requirements concerning quality, product safety, environmental protection, and work safety for our suppliers. We prefer long-term, mutually beneficial relationships based on cooperation, seriousness, and reliability.
  • Company management motivates workers to protect the environment and meet safety and health protection requirements during work, primarily as part of their work responsibilities; currently, they are motivating external collaborators to protect the environment and respect the fundamental tenets of work safety.
  • Company management’s approach supports regional development.
  • We follow all the relevant regulations in the area of environmental law, work safety, and other related legislative regulations that concern the company’s entire sphere of activity.
  • The company is constantly improving the protection of the company’s environment within changing external conditions and generates conditions for preventing environmental pollution.
  • The company thoroughly implements measures to prevent the occurrence of work injuries and damage to employee health resulting from our work activities.
  • The company is constantly improving technical equipment and maintains its level of safety.
  • The company thoroughly implements economical and preventive measures in both the area of energy and raw material (fuel) consumption as well as the occurrence, use, and disposal of waste.
  • All employees work to prevent the occurrence of emergency situations and work injuries.
  • The company is environmentally transparent to the public.
  • Company management sets an example for other workers when carrying out all their activities.

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Certificates - Cantilever racks

Certifikates - ISO 9001:2015 | ISO 14001:2015 | ISO 45001:2018