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Drive-in pallet racks are used for storing pallets that hold the same type of goods. They are made for storing items with low turnover or longer shelf life.

The pallets are stored in front of each other in a line (storage lanes) in individual rows with multiple storage levels.

These racks can be designed as either drive-in or drive-through systems, i.e., where goods are put in storage from one side and removed from storage on the other. Pallets are loaded on special rails. These rails, i.e., loading beams, are made from bent galvanized steel sheeting. The steel rails are either single- or double-sided and are bolted to the upright frames. Drive-in racks also contain a portal support beam located at the top of the upright frame to guarantee the frames' rigidity. There are vertical and horizontal bracing rods to ensure the stability of the drive-in rack.

When designing the configuration of a drive-in rack, it is important to know the type of forklift to be used. It is possible to supplement the drive-in rack setup with racking accessories, e.g., forklift guides, upright protectors, pallet backstops for the far end of the lane, etc.