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Racking System and Steel Platform Inspection


According to the Czech standard ČSN EN 15635, racking systems must undergo professional inspection at intervals no longer than 12 months.
The inspection focuses on:

  • Evaluating the overall condition of the racking; revealing possible damage to racking components
  • Checking the stability of the racking
  • Checking the constituent elements of all the racking components, primarily safety and security elements
  • Tightening the racks’ bolted joints
  • The completeness and accuracy of the racks’ safety and technical labeling

The scope of the inspection:

  • A visual inspection of the racking system
  • Attaching inspection labels to the racking system
  • Writing up a statement on the inspection that was conducted plus informing the appropriate individual of the resulting condition (all of this directly on site)
  • Writing up an inspection report (on the basis of the written statement) along with delivery to the appropriate individual
  • If necessary, writing up estimates for eliminating problems and damage
  • Creating missing or new racking labels and delivering them to the appropriate individual for attachment.
Racking System and Steel Platform Inspection


We repair standard components within a few days, according to previous agreement. We have a warehouse of racking system components in Chrudim for this purpose.

Replacing damaged components

As stated in Czech norm ČSN 15635 listed above, the full text of point 9.7.1 – Replacement of Damaged Components is cited here: “It is not permitted to repair damaged components unless approved by the equipment supplier. Note: damaged components must be exchanged rather than repaired, because it is difficult to conduct effective quality checks for cold-formed material.” We would like to state that we do not consent to repairing damaged components.